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Aug 2, 2018

It's a full three hours of Hottie and Fatty detailing The Course. You may want some time markers for this episode in case you need to break it up or want to revisit certain parts. Here you go:

0:05:50 - At The Starting Line (S1E1)

0:17:35 - Starting Line to Base of St. Kevens (S1E2)

0:32:25 - St Kevens to Hagerman's Pass (S1E3)

0:43:00 - Up Hagerman's Pass and Sugarloaf (S1E4)

0:51:18 - Down Powerline (S1E5)

1:04:48 - Bottom of Powerline to Pipeline (S1E6)

1:14:06 - Up Columbine (S1E7)

1:34:10 - Down Columbine to Pipeline (S1E8)

1:51:35 - Pipeline to Powerline (S1E9)

2:00:05 - Up Powerline (S1E10)

2:21:49 - Down Sugarloaf, Hagerman's, Up to Carter's (S1E11)

2:36:50 - Carter's to the Finish Line! (S1E12)