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Jun 19, 2018

Six-Time Leadville 100 Champ Dave Wiens joins Hottie and Fatty to talk about strategies for racing the Leadville 100, from pacing yourself to pacing others to just trying to not blow up halfway through the race.

We deep-dive on the first dirt descent in the race: The Powerline, teasing apart one of the most treacherous parts of the race

And In our Questions for the Queen, we ask Rebecca Rusch about food logistics. Bottles! Camelbaks! Food! Wrappers! Where do you put it all for easy access, and how do you manage it when your heart is going fast and your brain is going slow...if at all.

Finally, coach Jonathan Lee is back ramping up your workouts and planning out your week for a proper build to the second Saturday in August -- just eight-ish weeks away now.