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Jul 17, 2018

Hottie and Fatty start this episode of the Leadville Podcast from higher than 10,000 feet...even though they're nowhere near Leadville. In fact, they're at the finish line of the Crusher in the Tushar, which might just be the most perfect Leadville 100 Tuneup a racer could pick.

In addition to talking about their race day and what they learned, Hottie and Fatty dig into a very short — but deceptively difficult — section of The Course: the paved section between the Pipeline Aid Station and the Powerline climb. We don't want to give everything away here, but there might be crying, barfing, and electrolyte capsules involved in this discussion.

Rebecca Rusch — The Queen of Pain — talks about the tools, tubes, and techniques you need to be carrying with you when you do an epic race like the Leadville 100, and Jonathan Lee of TrainerRoad helps you refine your training as you get close (just a few weeks now) to the Leadville Trail 100. 

As always, it's a packed show, with info all Leadville 100 racers — as well endurance racers training for other events — can put to use right away.