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Mar 30, 2019

This podcast is all about preparation, but the reality is you can't be ready for everything...and the stuff that catches you off-guard is what you'll remember for the rest of your life. So in this episode of the Leadville Podcast, Hottie and Fatty talk about the importance of planning for the things you can't plan for in the Leadville 100 (and other races)...and embracing these unexpected moments. That said, when the rain really comes down (and the Leadville 100 has been overdue for a big rainy race day for more than a decade), you might want to have a great rain jacket, like Fatty's new Gore-Tex Shakedry Trail Hooded Jacket

We talk with Jeremiah Bishop, the astonishingly fast pro with one of the five fastest times in the history of the Leadville 100, about how to prepare for the unwanted: flats, broken chains, and other mechanical issues. Jeremiah has incredibly practical guidance on what, where, and how to carry the gear you hope you won't need during the race.

Hottie has an extended conversation with Jake Pantone of ENVE Composites about one of the most impactful -- but sadly neglected -- component combo on your MTB: Your handlebar and stem. They make a massive difference in your fit and ride quality. (Note: ENVE is a sponsor of The Leadville Podcast.)

Finally, our Training Tips segment, Jonathan Lee talks with us about training duration. As it turns out, you may not need to put in the huge training volume you thought. Be sure to listen to this part of the show to get a sense of how you can train for the Leadville 100...and still have a life.

Thanks for listening to the show that breaks down, builds up, gets you ready, and freaks you out for the highest and hardest one day mountain bike race in the country!