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Apr 8, 2019

You've got a weekend to come to Leadville to pre-ride some of the course. It's a perfect opportunity to get a sense of how you do at altitude, how hard those iconic climbs really are, and maybe to settle some of those pre-Leadville jitters. Hottie and Fatty have decidedly different takes on what you should ride. 

In this episode, Fatty has a phone conversation with Ty Hall, the guy who raises money for the Leadville Legacy Foundation each year by starting the race in last place and racing his way through the field. How does he do it? What's his hoped-for time this year? What's his take on the new wave start? This is a must-hear conversation with one of the nicest, fastest, most-knowledgeable racers in the field. 

And finally, Hottie goes on location to Windburn Studios, where he has a conversation with Tony Manzella about how a cyclist-led spin class can really pay off on race day.

Thanks for listening to LEADVILLE: the podcast for the 100 mile Mountain Bike Race, Presented by Floyd’s of Leadville —the show that breaks down, builds up, gets you ready, and freaks you out for the highest and hardest one day mountain bike race in the country.