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May 6, 2019

In this episode, our special guest is Floyd Landis. Floyd’s of Leadville is our title sponsor and we’ve been talking a lot about their products, but we wanted to have Floyd on the show to break down how his company came to be and how we can use CBD to make us better Leadville racers.

We spend a fair amount of time digging into a question Ron Henion posted on the FB Leadville 100 Participants group that got a lot of interest:

What are some things y’all use/d to stay mentally grounded during the race? What keeps you “digging deep?”

As it turns out, Fatty and Hottie have several answers to this question...and definitely not the same ones.

Roxanne Vogel, our nutrition expert, joins us to discuss training techniques and tips you can use to prepare for fueling during this race. 

And finally, we bring in a new contributor, expert mechanic Ryan Morse, to look at how to take care of two critical areas on your bike that can otherwise become a real annoyance.


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