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May 16, 2019

It's a packed show! Roxanne Vogel, our nutrition expert, talks altitude prep. Why? Well, she's s getting ready for an assault on Everest and has some highly Leadville-relevant tips for us.

Jonathan Lee of TrainerRoad is back with a breakdown on your upcoming training block...which he says should be the hardest 3 weeks of your entire Leadville preparation.

Hottie and Fatty talk (OK, argue) about one-by versus two-by drivetrains. Our friends at Shimano help sort out the confusion and give you the info you can use to make your choice (Fatty's going with an XTR 1x12 setup, just in case you're curious).

Before all that, though, we talk about getting together during the week before the race for some riding and live podcasting. Care to join us?



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