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Feb 20, 2019

The Leadville 100 will start in waves this year. It's a big change, and has strategy implications for many (if not all) racers and crews. In this episode, Hottie and Fatty speculate and pontificate about how it will affect all kinds of racers in different places on the course. Then they go right to the source — Kimo Seymour, Sr VP of events and media at LifeTime — and ask all the questions you want answers to. 

If you're wondering why Life Time is changing to start waves, what the time gaps are between waves (you might be surprised!), how (or whether) this change is going to affect the timing of the 12-hour shotgun blast, whether this will affect your finish time for good or bad, the status of potential outbound/inbound rerouting timing, and what changes will be made to on-course cutoff times, this is the episode for you.