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Feb 28, 2019

This is such a packed episode. First, we take a detailed look at whether the corral you qualified into is a good predictor of your finish time. The answer is both surprising and useful.

Next, we introduce our latest regular contributor to the show: JEREMIAH FREAKING BISHOP. Yep, we're going to have one of the fastest-smartest-nicest pros to ever do this race on our show regularly! 

Roxanne Vogel joins us to chat about nutrition and how to start working on putting that 50,000 calories of energy (i.e., fat) you've got in your body to work.

And finally, Coach Jonathan Lee sets us on the path to building sustained power, which is what this race is all about.

It's the show that breaks down, builds up, gets you ready, and freaks you out for the highest and hardest one-day mountain bike race in the country.

Welcome to Leadville!

Download the qualifier analysis spreadsheet here.


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