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Aug 2, 2019

We try to fit everything into our regular episodes, but the interview in this episode was so good, so informative, and — to be honest — so long that it has to stand on its own. (Actually it's not that long … just a bit much to squeeze into our normal shows with all the other stuff we have going on.)

Nate Whitman is a name rarely mentioned when discussing the front of the race at the Leadville 100. But he should be, because he has been at the front — a number of times. He has four top-tens and he has broken 7 hours.. Nate has 17 finishes and a thousand mile buckle.

Nate has also scored big at other endurance races: A top-10 at La Ruta, a win at Rebecca’s Private Idaho, and he has been on the podium four times in the 40+ age group at Dirty Kanza, including a tenth place overall. His name may not get mentioned much but his race record speaks for itself.

In spite of all that, Nate is a lot like the rest of us lining it up at Leadville. Sure, he’s faster than most of us, but Nate has a family and a full time job that keep him busy. So the fact that he keeps notching high placings at Leadville and other big-time events is pretty amazing — nd somebody we thought would be worth hearing from, to learn just how he does it.