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Apr 1, 2024

If you're 40+ years old and racing the the Leadville 100, you're in good company: a LARGE majority of folks lining up this August are Masters racers, and our podcast survey at the beginning of this season shows that 80% of our listeners fit in this group (it goes without saying that both of the hosts are). So we're very excited to have two true experts join us for this episode: Joe Friel -- the author of The Cyclist's Training Bible and Fast after Fifty -- joins us for an incredibly valuable discussion on how we can stay (or become) fast even as we age. Selene also joins the program to give us tips for Masters women racing this course. Finally, Fatty turns over the "Fatty's Finishing Tips" baton to Hottie for guidance on getting through the hair-raising first three miles of the course. Don't miss this episode!